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Software Unlimited’s Document Management System for prosecutors enables a Prosecutor’s Office to transition seamlessly into a paperless environment. Instead of navigating unending stacks of case files, where the risk of misfiled and lost paperwork is always a factor, Software Unlimited’s Document Management System for prosecutors provides your staff with instant and fully searchable access to every document, digital file, and video recording that pertains to a case file!

Tight integration with all other Software Unlimited modules means that you’ll be able to access our Case Management Systems using Software Unlimited’s Document Management System in just a single click. A powerful search engine gives you the ability to perform keyword searches across all documents in a single case, or you can perform a search that spans all documents that have been scanned into the system. Search results are retrieved in an instant with our Document Management System for prosecutors.

Fully Integrated

Integrate documents received from any source into your case file with our fully integrated Document Management System for prosecutors solution:

  • Import documents that have been received in electronic format and reference them in other software packages.
  • Scan in your paper documents and store them digitally in a multitude of formats.

Go Paperless!

From your paperless case file you can:

  • Documents in any case file may be viewed concurrently by Prosecutors, Attorneys, and any other authorized users.
  • No matter the case size, Software Unlimited’s filing system allows you to electronically store documents in easy-to-find folders.

Easy Lookup

Links and pulls information directly from our existing Case Management System, allowing you to:

  • Easily lookup cases by defendant.
  • Easily search and find all records connected to a particular individual.
  • Provide documents relating to particular individuals or cases to requestors.

Shared Folders

Administrator defined shared folders to eliminate confusion and folder duplication:

  • Saves time and labor by avoiding duplication of work.
  • Provides uniformity and consistency in document file names.
  • Implements more efficient document control procedures.

Flexible Storage

Our Document Management System for prosecutors software offers an extremely flexible document format storage that has the ability to store documents in almost all common formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX. JPG, GIF, TIFF and many more!

Easy & Intuitive

Software Unlimited’s Witness Management solutions put all pertinent information at your fingertips.

Rapid Filing

Over is the day where complex filing systems, cabinets, and folders run the office. Break free with our powerful document retrieval.

State of the Art Search

Software Unlimited’s powerful forms & merging software allows you to use your forms and makes creating new ones a snap.


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